Group Sales

Group Ticket Sales 

The Douglas Morrisson Theatre welcomes and encourages the purchase of group tickets.  A group sale consists of a minimum of ten tickets to one performance, paid for in one transaction.  

Please note that group purchases need to be made in person or by phone.

Per ticket prices for a Group are:

Previews (Thursday before opening night):  $10
Mainstage Shows:  $20
Chorus Concerts:  $12

How to place a Group Ticket sales order:

-  Choose the show you'd like to see and its performance date.

-  Select ten seats (minimum) for the performance.  These tickets are paid for at the time of selection and are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.   One member of the group (the "group contact") is the person through whom all initial and ongoing group transactions are made.

-  Later, additional seats may be placed "on hold," but payment for these additional seats is due not less than two weeks before the performance date.  The DMT's Ticket Agent will confirm this due date at the time of the initial purchase.

-  A seating chart and manifest will be provided to the group contact showing sold tickets, held tickets, and the release date.

-  Any "on hold" tickets that have not been paid for by the release date will become available for purchase by the public.

-  If available, the group may purchase additional tickets to their performance, through the group contact, up to the date of the performance.

Call the Box Office at (510) 881-6777 to learn more about group sales.  Box Office hours are Tuesday through Friday, from 1:00-5:00pm.