Why Community Theater Matters

Community theater undoubtedly has a positive impact on people of all age groups and from all walks of life. Indeed, for those individuals who are interested in the subject but have little knowledge of it, this blog will be a great place to start. Readers will discover well-researched articles on producing a play, finding funding, the history of community theater, how to market a production, and where to find appropriate scripts. The whole community can be involved and develop a sense of belonging and togetherness. No skills are necessary, and nervous actors will enjoy the experience of performing to smaller audiences.

The Role of a Theater Marketing Manager

24 Mar 2022

There are many unexpected careers in a theater, aside from the obvious acting, scriptwriting, and costume design. A marketing manager is also required and is responsible for advertising the productions to appropriate audiences. Good knowledge of social media platforms is a necessary skill.

Auditioning for Community Theater

15 Feb 2022

Auditioning for a production can be a nerve-wracking experience, and you need to be fully prepared. Make sure you have an introductory speech ready to showcase your previous experience. If you have been given a script in advance, learn your lines and think of appropriate facial expressions to convey emotions.

How to Produce a Play

8 Dec 2021

There are many stages that go into the process of producing a play. The first step is to actually gather together the actors who will be performing. Other considerations include finding or writing the script, raising any necessary funding, and booking the theater venue.

How to Fundraise for Theater Productions

11 Jan 2021

Raising money for a theater production can be a thankless task. However, there are actually many different ideas to consider. For example, taking part in a sports event, holding an evening of entertainment, or even running a cat or dog show with prizes awarded.